Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

First you roll the die.

Next pick a card from the box and the timer is turned over.

Then you have 30 seconds to describe in any way and in any order the names on the card to your team.

You can’t say the words on the card, use letters from the alphabet, use sounds like or any rhyming tactics.

After the time is up you simply subtract the number rolled on the die from the total names you got correct on the card. For example:

  • Rolled 1 and got 5 names correct – move 4
  • Rolled 0 and got 2 names correct – move 2

But if you get the same or fewer names correct than the number rolled you stay on the same square – you cannot go backwards! For Example:

  • Rolled 2 and got 1 name correct – don’t move
  • Rolled 1 and got 1 name correct – don’t move

Other Tips

Don’t forget you can describe names in any order.

If you get stuck on a name, don’t delay – move on to another.

2 big teams are often better than 3 or 4 smaller teams. So for example if 8 people play, 2 teams of 4 are better than 4 teams of 2 (girls v guys gets really competitive – you have been warned!)

Some names are known by all and are easy to describe  for example Jedward, Ireland, Sky, Enda Kenny, Apple, Brian O’Driscoll etc.

Some are a little trickier and may not be as easy to explain, but lots of names can be described in more than one way, for example:

  • RAIN MAN – Could be the film with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, but also could be described as –  its wet and falls from clouds (Rain) and a boy becomes a…..(Man).
  • LOST – Could be the TV programme or it could be – the opposite of found.
  • JACK BLACK – Could be the famous actor and musician or you could also describe as – (Jack) and the Beanstalk and the opposite of white (Black).

Now it is of course your patriotic duty to know who DOUGLAS HYDE is. But just in case it slipped your mind that he could be described as the first President of Ireland, you could also explain in the following ways:

  • For DOUGLAS you could try – Husband of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Capital of the Isle of Man or even a suburb of Cork!
  • For HYDE you could try – Dr Jekyll and Mr…..(Hyde), Famous park in London, Children’s Game…..(Hide) and Seek.

But we all knew who DOUGLAS HYDE was anyway………..

So remember there may be more than one way to describe the names on the card.