How easy is it to play? It’s soooo easy!

Pick your teams, throw the die, and you’re ready to go

The more names your teammates guess correctly in 30 Seconds, the faster you move along the board! For even more fun tips when playing 30 Seconds Click Here

Turn the timer, then pick a card and describe the names (in any order!) to your team mates as quickly as you can, but without saying the actual words on the card…

Congratulations! You are about to
buy the best game in the world*

* According to the team at 30 Seconds of course


This version is suitable for people from
about 12 years of age and older,


**You don’t have to be a kid, you can buy
it on behalf of kids, we’re ok with that

Irish Stockists

30 Seconds Irish Edition board game is available in a wide range of toy and game retailers in Ireland. To find your local stockist click your region here

30 Seconds, in 30 seconds!


names for you to describe

There are loads of easy names & a few trickier ones to keep you thinking!


of all ages

The names should suit players from 12-112 years of age, but don’t forget 30 Seconds Jnr for younger players (from about 7+)


per round

Each game averages between 30 and 40 minutes - but you’ll probably want to play again!
We love 30 Seconds, it’s the best game ever!
Sarah Coffey, Dublin
Great for our family get-togethers! Never had so much fun with a board game.
Anna Mulcahy, Galway

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Our Top Tips

A few pointers to help you have the best fun playing 30 Seconds

If you get stuck on a name, don’t delay – move on to another.
You have 30 seconds to describe in any way
and in any order the names on the card to your team
 (but no rhyming or sound effects).

2 big teams are better than 3 or 4 smaller teams.
So for example if 8 people play, 2 teams of 4 are better than 4 teams of 2
(girls v guys gets really competitive – you have been warned!)